Risk Modeling, Measurement and Management

We provideFinancial risk management services to banks and financial service companies.

We believe risk management matters. So our goal is to provide better ideas and more efficient processes, because better risk management makes for better banks.

We began in 2004, and continue operating today, with three simple rules:


We constantly probe to understand your needs, so we can target and deliver exactly
what you want, when you want it.


We constantly look to help you improve the caliber and application of your risk analytics, and to reduce your process time and cost.
We believe applications should “crunch”, so that smart people can think.
We’ve developed tools to take over some of the dull and repetitive data and calculation processes.

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We identify evolving practices by:

  • teaming with you to adapt and implement the best solutions
  • selectively engaging with leading subject matter experts
  • continuously monitoring regulatory pronouncements
  • studying our competitors

Over the years, we’ve worked with virtually every risk type, every risk model, and every risk process. We’ve delivered on hundreds of projects by keeping it simple and staying focused.

We “get it” that it’s not about what we know and what we can do; that you own the only relevant definition of value.

We believe by helping you improve your performance and efficiency, we help you become a better risk manager, your bank a better place to work, and your community a better place to live.

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